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10 of my Favorite College Graduate Debt Blogs and Websites

10 of my Favorite College Graduate Debt Blogs and Websites

Throughout the months, I have researched topics, post on other blogs like my own, and tried to see how people have created their own was of graduating college debt free.  Along the way, I have come across some great websites that I would strongly suggest taking a look at.  All of the offer great information as well as strong values in trying to help other people.

1. Man Vs. Debt

I came across this website when I was first reading over how to create a successful blog.  The thing that I loved about the Owner Adam Baker, was that he wasn’t some financial guru or expert.  He was a real person, he was married, has a child, and wanted what normal people wanted which is to live without financial burdens.    My personal favorite part of the blog is the financial statements he provides every month about money spent and money earned, and that it is not easy to make his goal happen.  If you want to start off on the right step, check out one of his best posts 42 Ways to Radially Simplify Your Financial Life.  Its an amazing post, and one you should start with if you visit him.

2.  DebtFreeScholar

This website is directly related to what I currently post about, and what one of my passions is currently.  Built by Nate Desmond, he started his blogging career about college graduate debt writing reviews of books.  He took to contacting book publishers and writers to get free books to review and posted all about them on his site.  The site has progressively included other reviews of electronics and it also includes self help tips as well.  If you are looking for more ideas that I have posted on yet, take a look at him and see if he has already written about it.

3. Huffington Post College Section

My go to source of recent information and news on colleges and what is happening around the country.  Huffington Post covers so many world news topics and sources, but the college section is really a must read.  They have a new section allowing students to submit their stories about college debt, check it out here or even submit a story yourself.

4. Project on Student Debt

Project on student debt is run by the Institute for College Access and Success.  The offer press releases, petitions, and information articles based solely on College Graduate Debt.  They also have a place for people to speak their minds about loans and student debt, take a look at their voices section.

5. Suze Orman

Great website, great television show, great articles.  An all around great person to watch and learn from.  I always say, the more places you can learn about an item, or the more people you get opinions and advice from, the better decision you can make for your personal situation.  Suze Orman is great with budgeting, loans, and tons of various financial tips.  Start on her resources page, and get valuable tips and tools that she suggests for many different areas.

6.  Get Out of Debt Guy

Steve Rhode is the owner and he has actually experienced a bankruptcy.   He has a ton of articles, on credit cards, student loans, loan forgiveness, and more on top of them.  One of the positives is that he is offering a Free Book Section, where you can download the books that can help out with eliminating college graduate debt.  If you would like a good idea of what he is offering check out his article about federal student loan interest rates here.


The official website of FAFSA.  The form that every college student will fill out in their lifetime or what every parent will need to read over.  A tremendously important website if you are getting to go to college or you have a son or daughter that is getting ready to head to college.  You can enter your FAFSA, correct it, or find the school codes for FAFSA if you are filling out a paper form.

8. IncomeDiary

Now this website is going to be a little different then the rest.  This website is more about making money online than reducing debt.  It is a great informational tool if you are thinking about starting a blog or website and want to know about monetizing it and being able to increase traffic.  I visit the website a ton to learn how I should be writing, how to meet my audience, and how to maintain my audience.  This site is not for everyone, but you can always give it a look if you enjoy blogging or are thinking about blogging.

9.  Unigo

Unigo is a great resource for college reviews, college rankings, how to choose a college, how to pay for a college.  If you would like to see some of what they discuss, here is the Expert Page to give you some aid in making the right decision, and here is the College Search, to aid you in finding the correct college program for yourself.

10. Eric Stoller

Eric Stoller is an advisor, speaker, and consultant in the higher education industry.  Covers a wide range of topics in his blog posts.  Here is a great post about Graduation Rates, that he did a while back, that I was truly interested in and glad I found the topic.  He is a great writer, and knows what he is talking about, just give him a look.

Hope you enjoy the list, I’m sure there are people that will have their opinions on how effective the list was or who should have been included in it, but maybe you could enlighten me on some new sites that I can take a look at.

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